Bliss Botanicals 

Pick up your bath bombs and soaps in store. All lovingly & magically made by bliss botanicals. Suitable for vegans.✨


Come in and check out our range of crystals.  For your witchy must haves. Tumble stones, towers, points, lamps, crystal balls and more.

Memento Mori Designs Jewelry 

Cauldron Creations is the only shop in the Uk to sell Memento mori designs NYC. The line is inspired by folklore, goddesses & magick. Designed by a witch, this line has a power all of it's own. Made using recycled sterling silver, gold and brass. ✨

Cauldron Creations 

A range of witchcraft products made by Hannah, owner of Cauldron Creations. All magically charged and more focused on those that love spell casting. Hannah’s own blend of black witches salt, highly charged cleansing and protective spell bags, self brewed spell & ritual oils, resins & offerings, herb bundles magically charged spell candles and much more. ✨

Elysian Dove 

Selling a beautiful range of bespoke crystal bracelets, keyrings, Pendulums. Beautifully made by Elysian Dove, a reiki practitioner and fellow witch. Her products are truly full of magickal energy. ✨️ 

Moon Cat Magick

Selling in store a range of handmade witchcraft products made by the ‘hedge witch’ moon cat magick. Beautiful and magical crafted witches besoms, spell jars, travel alters and much more. Come by to Cauldron creations and see what bespoke witchcraft items call to you. ✨


We have a huge selection of herbs sourced from a small UK business called witchuals. Witchuals is a practicing witch, all herbs and products are individually packed by hand during cleansing witchuals. Our selection consists of dried herbs, flowers, barks, resins each with their own power and use. Used in incense, spells, poppets and all rituals practices. ✨

Wax melts

Beautifully hand-poured coconut and rapeseed wax. Sustainable and ethically sourced. All wax melts are vegan friendly.
In store we have a good selection to choose from. Come and pick yours today. ✨

Spellbound.. all things witchcraft. 

Spellbound products made by toni herself. Over 40 plus years experience. A range of sprays, oils and washes. Created for your witchy needs. 
Come by Cauldron Creations now and pick up all your witchy supplies. ✨️

The Crafty Witch 

A range of fae magick, cord cutting kits, home blessing kits, poppets and so much more. Made by Simon from The Crafty Witch. So if you are a beginner or not we have a range of kits suitable for your needs. ✨