Witchcraft Store Gloucester

Cauldron Creations Gloucester

A modern Witchcraft & Spiritual shop nestled in the heart of Gloucester.  

New to Witchcraft, an experienced Witch or spiritual?  We have everything you need to craft, brew and cultivate your skills.  

What will your creation be?...

Witchcraft & Spiritual Shop in Gloucester!!

Unleash Your Magickal Creation

As a practicing witch I understand that every witch's or mage's craft is unique to them as well as where they are on their journey.  At Cauldron Creations Gloucester whatever your craft we stock a bit of everything for your magickal needs.  We have a selection of magickal items made by a range of witches to help you further your journey.

All Things Psychic

Are you after a new pack of tarot cards in Gloucester or maybe you are wanting to try something new?  At Cauldron Creations Gloucester we have all your divination needs covered. From Runes to Scrying mirrors and so much more. Come on in and see what calls to you. 

Feeling Good

A spiritual shop in Gloucester. Doing what feels good is important to our overall health, wellbeing and spiritual self.  We Offer a range of reiki & energy treatments, special meditation and guidance evenings.   We sell a range of crystals, cleansing resins, aromatherapy products and so much more. We would like to think we have the 'feel good' factor for everyone.